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Too Rapid Development at the Beach


A little introduction:  I’m new here and have recently moved back to Virginia, my home state, after 25 years in the Philadelphia/Wilmington, Delaware, area.  This is my first post at Blue Virginia, though my own blog is nearing five years of age and I have blogged very sporadically at Kos for several years.

A story in my local rag describing how Virgina Beach officials are looking to rush a development proposal through the approval process reminded reminded me of a conversation I had in an airport many years ago.

Some years ago, while waiting for a connection in Las Vegas, I started chatting with another fellow who was looking out the same window of the waiting area watching the planes move around.  

We discovered that we were both from the same area and introduced ourselves.  I recognized his name and said, “I voted for you!  Twice!”

He had succeeded a county executive whose term in office was notable for petty influence-peddling and incompetence and had served the two terms allowed him.  I thanked him for his part in cleaning up the mess.

He said to me (this is from memory, but it’s pretty close),

I had one rule.  I never met with a developer unless the country attorney or the head of the country zoning board was with me.  

Think about it.  

When something goes wrong in local government, it almost always involves real estate. . . .

I know nothing about the facts of this proposal except what’s in the newspaper story at the link, which describes how Virginia Beach is looking to rush a development proposal through city council.

Nevertheless, recalling that conversation makes think about the first line of the 59th Street Bridge Song:  Slow down, you move too fast.

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