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Would-Be Arlington Government Changers Get Shadier By The Day


Arlington’s League of Women Voters isn’t exactly known for flying off the handle & making rash statements. So when they take it upon themselves to express public concern with the group trying to change Arlington’s government, you know something must be very wrong:

The League of Women Voters of Arlington is bristling at a snub by the Committee for a Better Arlington (CBA).

The Committee did not respond to the League’s repeated requests for information about the effects of CBA’s proposed change to Arlington’s form of government, prompting the League to issue a press release today saying it’s “concerned” about “the depth of the public dialogue” regarding the change.

It’s not the first time the change-of-government folks have skipped a chance to publicly defend their views. The CBA bailed out of an Arlington County Democratic Committee public forum just days before the event. What are the government changers so afraid of? That an informed public will realize that at a time when 87% of Arlingtonians are satisfied with county services, this coalition with more cash than supporters is willing to blow up the entire system, including key environmental & discrimination protections, to achieve a few narrow goals?

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