Barnett Challenges Wolf to Debates


    In case you missed it, here’s the press release that we put out yesterday about my challenge to Frank Wolf.

    For Immediate Release

    7 July 2010

    McLEAN, VA – Jeff Barnett, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District, has challenged Rep. Frank Wolf (R, VA-10) to a rigorous series of debates, the Barnett campaign said.

    “Mr. Wolf and I have fundamental disagreements on how to prioritize and resolve the problems facing the 10th District and our Nation,” Barnett said. “We owe the voters an open and complete discussion of our differences. Virginians should not have to rely on 30-second commercials, glossy campaign mailers, and packaged sound bites to learn about our campaigns. Voters deserve more. Voters deserve to hear our ideas directly.”

    “That’s why I’m challenging Mr. Wolf to a series of debates – at least one in each county of the 10th District,” Barnett continued.  “Our debates should have a flexible structure that allows us to substantively discuss each other’s ideas. A neutral party should moderate each debate, and each debate should give voters the privilege of asking questions that are not pre-screened. With so much riding on the outcome of this election, the 10th District deserves nothing less.”

    “Mr. Wolf talks about the importance of remaining accountable to those he serves, so I am confident that he will accept my invitation to debate and speak directly to the people of our district,” Barnett said. “I have asked Mr. Wolf to contact me by July 15th, which should leave plenty of time to arrange our schedules.”

    The Barnett campaign, which challenged Rep. Wolf to a series of debates in late June, has yet to receive a response from the Wolf Campaign.

    You can also read the full letter that I mailed to Rep. Wolf.  


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