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Maddow Takes on GOP “Deficit Disorder”


Faux deficit hawks, who never found a dollar they wouldn’t throw away, have suddenly find frugality.  And to solve the fiscal problems we have, problems brought to fruition by incompetent GOP fiscal management, they aim to do the very things which further sink the economy, while at the same time killing job creation.  They even want to kick the unemployed while they are down.  “They are lazy,” said one GOPher just this week.  

As if that weren’t enough, Jon Kyle argued this past weekend that you don’t really have to pay for tax cuts.  And Mitch McConnell claimed falsely that tax cuts increase revenue.  As Rachel Maddow illustrates, Ezra Klein has called this magical thinking.  In this segment, Rachel Maddow shows both the idiocy and the hypocrisy of the GOP tax-cut agenda and obstruction of economic strategies which work.  

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) who joins this segment adds that the GOP is trotting out many of the very same people and “solutions” bringing us the economic collapse.  It’s an excellent segment.  And Brown is one of our very best spokespersons.  


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