McAuliffe Visits Roanoke


    Terry McAuliffe was in Roanoke yesterday, where he spoke at a luncheon for about 50 Democratic women.

    McAuliffe, sounding indeed like a candidate for state-wide office in 2013, recapped his efforts to bring jobs to Virginia, through the possible purchase of the closed International Paper plant in Franklin VA with its conversion to a biomass  energy plant. He also heads a corporation called GreenTech, which hopes to build electric and hybrid vehicles.

    As he usually does, Terry had plenty of political information for his audience.

    He feels that a state re-districting deal has been, more or less, worked out between the House of Delegates and the State Senate, giving the Senate leeway in those districts and the House the same leeway for theirs. (If true, I would expect the Democrats to have a shot at picking up a Senate seat or two, while losing several seats – at a minimum – in the House after the redistricting takes effect.)

    He also asked quite pointed questions himself when asked by someone to comment on specific actions by Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli:

    If Bob McDonnell wants to be a “jobs governor,” did it help him attract Fortune 500 companies, which invariably have non-discrimination policies about sexual orientation, when he refused to follow the lead of the past two governors and sign an executive order forbidding such discrimination, a problem compounded by Ken Cuccinelli’s letter to college presidents, giving them a green light to discriminate based on sexual orientation?

    Did it help Virginia attract quality, high-tech jobs for the state’s highest legal officer to demand from a state university the results of scientific research, alleging possible fraud – even after five investigations have already declared there was nothing wrong with the research?

    Will it help Virginia attract jobs if we lose federal matching funds for road construction because this administration has no viable transportation policy and McDonnell now says he will not call a special session to deal with the problem?

    Did it help McDonnell attract business to the Commonwealth when he declared a Confederate History Month with a proclamation that noted the suffering of Confederates and their families, without mentioning slavery?

    Excellent questions!

    By the way, Terry McAuliffe also predicted that the national Democrats, while sustaining losses in November, will retain control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. However, he said we should expect little to get done for the next two years, especially because of the filibustering Senate.


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