“Prince William County was a field experiment”


    As Prince William County Board Chairman Corey Stewart revs up his anti-immigrant frothing at the mouth, it is important to remember what this is all about. Here’s “Moonhowlings”, who knows a thing or two about these matters:

    Pay close attention to the very end.  How much more of an admission is needed before people will see that the Immigration Resolution in PWC was all about an election.  Hethmon admits it.  He brags about it.  FAIR is also involved in AZ.  Leopards do not change their spots! Note the arrow coming from FAIR to AZ. It had started then.

    Prince William County was a field experiment.  The end of the video is critical. Around 2:30 Michael Hethmon says it is a political issue. They were scared that Republicans were going to lose in elections because of the Iraq War.

    Just keep this in mind – that Prince William County was a “field experiment” in 2007 – as Corey Stewart gears up for a) his reelection campaign in 2011; and b) whatever he plans to run for, statewide, in 2013.  And do not be surprised when immigrant bashing goes Virginia-wide.

    P.S. As always, see 9500 Liberty for more on this.

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