Robert Hurt Joins Crazy Sharron Angle, Wants to Put Seniors Back in “Donut Hole”


    So, is 5th CD Republican nominee Robert Hurt proud to be joining the likes of crazy Sharron Angle on this?

    Hurt Pledges to De-Fund ObamaCare

    Charlottesville, VA – Today is proud to announce Robert Hurt, Republican candidate for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, has signed our pledge to de-fund ObamaCare. Over 135 candidates have signed the pledge, including Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle and thirteen NRCC “Young Guns”. Chairman Alex Cortes, speaking on Robert Hurt’s pledge said:

    “By signing our pledge, Hurt has taken a leadership position in calling for the de-funding of ObamaCare as the first necessary step to fully repealing and replacing this unconstitutional, job-killing, fiscal train wreck. Americans and Virginians would have a friend in Congress with Robert.”

    Sooo…is Hurt really advocating putting seniors back in the “donut hole,” restoring “rescissions” of coverage and denial of coverage for “pre-existing conditions,” kicking children, putting back lifetime and annual limits on coverage, kicking “adult children” under the age of 26 off their parents’ health insurance, and ditching tax credits to small businesses to help make covering their employees more affordable? Is that really what Robert Hurt is advocating for residents of the 5th CD?  Unfortunately, he really is.  That’s one good reason why, this coming November, 5th CD residents are likely to pick Rep. Tom Perriello instead. Go Tom!


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