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So Much for the Change of Government Resolution?


Is the ridiculous Arlington County “change of government” resolution officially dead (e.g., off the November ballot)? It sure looks like it.

With approximately 250 pages to go during their “first pass” through the 761 petition sheets submitted, county election personnel say they’ve have counted 8,123 valid signatures. A total of 14,350 valid signatures are needed.

A “second pass” will be conducted to count signatures that could not be readily verified during the first go-round. However, if current trends hold, that process will most likely not yield enough signatures for the petition to pass.

The “rejection rate” for batches that have been fully processed is around 19 percent, according to a county source. At that rate, the petition will fall more than 1,000 signatures short.

That’s got to be particularly painful to this initiative’s proponents when you consider that “more than $40,000 of union money” was expended on it. Oh well, it’s only money I guess. Heh.

UPDATE: You can keep track of the results here.


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