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Ben Tribbett attacks Mark Warner


Borrowing a theme from the far right wing, blogger Ben Tribbett has launched an all out attack against U.S. Senator Mark Warner:

What the hell is he thinking?

I’ve been to this once a year event (probably 10 times over the years) and it’s a great party.  But why would Mark Warner have his annual Pig Roast on September 11th this year?  The large pig being carved up, the hay rides, and a big party across his lawn and around the pool just doesn’t seem appropriate for the 9th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on New York and Virginia.  

I’m going to call Senator Warner’s office first thing in the morning to find out about this.  For now, all I can say is this.  If Mark Warner’s political judgment is that this kind of party is acceptable on 9/11, then I am very grateful that he didn’t run for and wasn’t elected President.

You can read the original attack with links at Not Larry Sabato.

There are a couple of notable features to this story and at least one unanswered question.  The first is the grounds for the attack.  Tribbett–who claims to be a Democrat–has adopted the hardest of hard right arguments: that 9/11 is “sacred” day and you cannot hold any event on 9/11 other than commemorations of the attacks of September 11, 2001 on September 11th.  I wonder, has Ben Tribbett ever made the same argument in regard to December 7th?  I suspect that any number of Christmas parties have been held on December 7th over the years.  Why no 12/7 outrage?

The second is the choice of target: Mark Warner.  A quick Google search for events will reveal that there are literally thousands of individuals and organizations holding events on September 11, 2010.  Are all these people and organizations behaving inappropriately?  The young couples getting married, the 10K runs, the art walks, the picnics, the family reunions, the vegetarian food festivals, the triathlons, the airshows(!), and all the other events being held on September 11th this year that have nothing whatsoever to do the 9/11 attacks: are all these people guilty of not observing the 9/11 anniversary?

Since when in this country do we let terrorists dictate what we do and when we do it.  It is Ben Tribbett who is acting inappropriately in this matter.  Which leads to the unanswered question I referred to above.  

What is Tribbett’s underlying motive for this attack on Mark Warner?

I’ve never bothered to attend Mark Warner’s pig roasts in the past.  I think I may go this year.

Update from Vivian J. Paige:

As he has in the past, Sen. Mark Warner will be hosting his “Almost Annual” Pig Roast in conjunction with the quarterly meeting of the DPVA’s State Central Committee. This year, the event falls on 9/11, and Warner is acknowledging the anniversary by asking for contributions to the Pentagon Memorial Fund.


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