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“Carnivoil” Comes to Richmond Tomorrow


Courtesy of Environment Virginia.

‘CarnivOil’ Comes to Richmond, Celebrating the Greatest Addiction on Earth Big Oil: Keeping America dependent on oil for 150 years and celebrating victory over Virginia’s clean energy future

Richmond, Va. – The U.S. Senate’s failure to pass a clean energy and climate bill this summer, coupled with the continued push to block new clean air standards, is reason to celebrate if you profit from America’s oil addiction. Highlighting Big Oil’s stranglehold on Washington, we present “CarnivOil”: the Greatest Addiction on Earth – a celebration of America’s addiction to oil with an outdoor midway-style carnival complete with games, concessions, and some Big Oil-style celebrating. Step right up! Don’t be afraid. See the world’s biggest polluters – by looking behind the curtain.

Games will include the Petroleum Wheel of Doom, Oil Executive Boxing and the Big Oil version of the famous Hammer game. The event highlights Big  Oil’s success in pocketing Congress, while blocking progress toward a clean energy future and threatening to kill American jobs and worsen public health with the Dirty Air Act.

WHAT: CarnivOil: The Greatest Addiction on Earth: complete with games to celebrate Big Oil’s success

WHEN: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TIME: 11 am – 1 pm ET

WHERE: Monroe Park, 620 W. Main St., Richmond, Va. 23220


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