How We Will Fix This: Undoing Citizens United Part 3


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    This is our last round of videos from the Netroots Nation panel, Undoing Citizens United: A Comprehensive Plan to Prevent Corporations from Buying Elections (here is part 1, and part 2). Today, we are going to focus mostly on how to move forward. But first, some inspiration from Congresswoman Donna Edwards:

    Undoing Citizens United: A Comprehensive Plan to Prevent Corporations from Buying Elections

    SAT, 07/24/2010 – 10:15AM, Brasilia 6

    If you think corporations have too much influence in politics, just wait. In January, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that giant corporations can pour money directly into elections. They can spend billions on attack ads and robocalls to support or oppose candidates, all the while avoiding disclosure. Progressives cannot let this stand. The panel will present the full spectrum of remedies to Citizens United-including federal, state and local legislation to restrict corporate spending in elections, public financing of campaigns and a constitutional amendment-and a plan for implementing them.

    PANELISTS: Marge Baker, Rep. Donna F. Edwards, Lisa Graves, Robert Weissman, Representative Alan Grayson

    Before we talk about legislative and constitutional fixes, here is something that can be done right now to fend off corporate attacks on the electoral process: organizing shareholders.

    Now let’s talk about a constitutional amendment.

    And there are potential legislative fixes:

    That’s all our highlight clips from this panel. Tomorrow we will post a book review with highlight clips from our interview at Netroots Nation with Deanna Zandt, author of Share This!.

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