Press Association Caves to FAUX News Extremists (No Surprise There)


    They caved to wrong-wing bullies once more by giving Helen Thomas’s front row seat in the WH briefing room to FAUX News: FAUX News, home of the breathtakingly hateful “coverage” of this president;  FAUX news co-architect of Tea Parties; FAUX News, home of the monstrous Glenn Beck and the not-far-behind Sean Hannity; FAUX News, which is the unofficial talking points arm of the Republican Party.

    White House spokeman Robert Gibbs called the comments “offensive and reprehensible,” and Thomas’ press corps colleagues with the White House Correspondents Association issued a rare admonishment calling them “indefensible.”

    So, Helen Thomas, the former “dean” of the White House reporters, was appropriately ousted, yet FAUXs are pandered to regardless of the monstrous and malicious lies/hate that are spoken on FAUX News over and over FAUXs hate dwarfs, in extent, the still-wrong utterance of Helen Thomas.  And FAUX News should not be rewarded, much less cowered to.  

    I have few other words on this subject, only that if the presss association lets the bullies rule, they will surely up the ante and make this Presidency a living hell.  (Hint: They already are.) The Presss Association still doesn’t get it that you cannot make nice with the extant Republican Party –or FAUX news.  The FAUXS will do what they do, no matter how hard the President tries to win them over. So, too, will the Congressional Republicans.  And now he has both “legitimized” and empowered them to hurt him even more.  It’s a sad day for real journalists, especially the not-for-profit journalists (such as Pro Publica and others), which should have received the chair.

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