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New Left Media Goes to Glenn Beck’s Rally


To quote New Left Media:

While the speaker list was diverse, the overwhelmingly white crowd expressed paranoid and conspiratorial fears of multiculturalism-that atheists or black liberation theologists or radical Muslims or “free-loading” Latinos were going to ruin our country. There was the constant suggestion that white Christians and their way of life are somehow under assault, and that the attendees of this rally were here to put an end to it and return the country to what it used to be.

Utter ignorance and insanity. The question is, how does the New Left Media interviewer (Chase Whiteside) manage to not completely lose his mind talking to these people? Impressive.

UPDATE: It looks like New Left Media has the right wing hacks Tucker Carlson, former Dick Cheney staffer Neil Patel, and The Daily Caller worried. Good work, New Left Media, keep it up!

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