Scott Rigell Signs Tea Party Pledge


    That’s right, Scott Rigell is no longer a mainstream Republican (if there is such a thing anymore), he’s an outright tea partier who believes that:

    *Congress should “set America on the right fiscal track by supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment or similar Constitutional amendment.”

    *”Internet neutrality,” “campaign finance reform” and the “fairness” doctrine somehow “abridge free speech.”

    *Congress should pass legislation that “defunds, repeals, and replaces the Affordable Health and Patient Recovery Act and actively promotes free market solutions to address the nation’s healthcare concerns.”

    *It’s essential to “fight any measure that subverts U.S. sovereignty, whether through trade, currency, environmental causes, the United Nations, immigration amnesty, or under the guise of human rights.”

    What’s really interesting is that, despite his supposed concern for the budget deficit, Rigell’s campaign says it opposes cutting government “entitlement” programs like Social Security, Medicare, and “federal welfare and education programs.”  The problem is, if you pledge not to raise taxes and if you take “entitlements” off the table, about the only possible way of balancing the budget would be to zero out all “discretionary” spending, including military spending. Is that what Scott Rigell’s advocating Or, would he prefer to raise taxes sharply? Which is it, Mr. Rigell?

    P.S. It’s lunatic crap like this that pushes me to support “Democrat” Glenn Nye, even though I don’t like the guy one bit. Ugh, what a choice!

    P.P.S. By the way, Rigell also has signed onto the Koch-funded, Americans for Prosperity “No Climate Tax Pledge.”


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