Tom Perriello: “It’s Crazy” Not to Have a National Energy Strategy


    Courtesy of virginia5rawfootage, here’s Tom Perriello speaking at a town hall meeting in Martinsville last week.

    I continue to believe that every day we lack a national energy strategy, we are just gift wrapping jobs to China and India. It’s crazy. I honestly believe this is the clearest example of jobs for the next 25 to 30 years…Every day that we wait to have a national energy strategy, not only do we reinforce Chavez and Ahmedinejad and petrodictators around the world that hate this country, but we destroy our competitive advantage.

    Tom Perriello clearly “gets it” on clean energy, the economy, and national security. Robert Hurt clearly does not. On this crucial issue alone, I’d argue that people should support Perriello. More broadly, what’s clear from listening to both Perriello and Hurt is the wild disparity in thoughtfulness and honesty between the two candidates. Listen to Hurt for a minute or two, and your brain will start “hurt”-ing from all the nonsensical, discredited right-wing talking points (“supply side,” “Nancy Pelosi,” blah blah blah) you’ll get. In stark contrast, what you get with Tom Perriello is a serious, sober analysis of where we’re at, where we need to go, and how we can best get there. You also get political courage – the ability to do what’s right even if it’s politically difficult, whereas with Robert Hurt you get the exact opposite – pandering, finger-in-the-wind demagoguery.  Why is this race even close?


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