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What is going on in Southwest Virginia…


In the last 3 weeks I have traveled to my husband’s hometown of Radford, Va, twice. First for a “re-do” of a 6 month old wedding.

Last weekend for the passing of my husband’s brother in Marion, Va.

Both time the theme was “jobs” as my sister in law put it.

We decided not to talk politics because these people are Faux news junkies. All the talking points are there.

We didn’t have to talk politics, they did.

My sister and brother in law wanted to know where the jobs were. This from a family who’s kids have just a high school education and little work ethic.

If a family member is working, it is at Wal Mart. If not working they are on either disablity, social security or some other form of “welfare”.

I told them the jobs were in China or Mexico because the last administration made sure the trade treaties were lopsided.

The second time we went in for the viewing they continued complaining about Obama and his policies. I asked them if they knew that the Repubs had established tax credits to take jobs overseas. No and they did not believe it.

Luckily as we drove back from the funeral my husband asked his family what exactly all his brothers’ family was living off of. Everyone was on some sort of “government” assistance. My husband was smart enough to say “how can you complain when you are getting tax payer money to live off of”. Silence.

And these people hate our government.

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