Wolf Works – But Not For Us


    Last week I called on Frank Wolf to support the state aid package that will save hundreds of thousands of jobs across the nation.

    This bill invests $540 million into Virginia’s schools and public services. It keeps teachers in the classrooms, and policemen in our communities. It saves jobs. It reduces the deficit.

    This bill is a home run for Virginia, and for the nation.

    Frank Wolf opposed it.

    Given his record on these matters, my opponent’s vote is disappointing, but not surprising. Republicans call for job creation and deficit reduction, and then oppose bills that do just that. This campaign will be all about making sure we hold the GOP accountable for its hypocrisy.

    Republicans are calling this bill a handout to the “special interests.” That speaks volumes about their priorities. Frank Wolf has been in Washington for thirty years, and he has lost track of what’s important. Here in the Northern Virginia, there’s broad support for educating our children and protecting our communities. I wish I could say that the 10th’s Congressman shared that commitment, but Frank Wolf failed us today.  


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