DCCC/Global Strategy Group Poll: Hurt 44%-Perriello 42%


    (UPDATE: Great new ad by Tom Perriello, love it! – promoted by lowkell)

    I’m not sure quite what to make of this poll, showing that “Representative Tom Perriello is statistically tied with Republican candidate, Virginia State Senator Robert Hurt.”

    In the initial head-to-head in the race for Virginia’s [5th] congressional district, Perriello is within the margin of error against Hurt, 42 to 44 percent.  Clark received 6 percent.  Conducted August 24-26, the poll surveyed 400 likely voters and has a 4.9 percent margin of error.

    I mean, I hope it’s true, but given that I wouldn’t put much stock in a poll done for the National Republican Congressional Committee (and also given the SurveyUSA poll that showed Hurt leading 61%-35%), I’m not sure I should much stock in this one either. I’d at least like to see the “internals” on this one. How about you?

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