Reid on a Climate Bill: “We’ve Got to be Able to Suck it up”


    E2 Wire at The Hill posted details of Harry Reid's speech at the National Clean Energy Summit 3.0, essentially confirming what we knew about not seeing a climate bill anytime soon:

     “We have got to be able to suck it up and say I may not get all I want,” Reid said, speaking at a “clean energy” conference he co-hosted at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. “We are not going to be able, as much as people want, to have a price on all carbon.”
    “But why don’t we step back. We had a really good thing going,” Reid added. “The utilities are really interested in doing this because they want the certainty.”


    I understand the idea of pushing through legislation in a more piecemeal fashion, particularly in the Senate–but the entire point of comprehensive legislation is that often the pieces don't work well apart from one another. And if we can't pass meaningful legislation now, I'm not sure what we're going to be able to do after November, whether the House passes narrower plans or not.


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