Robert Hurt: So Committed To Outsourcing Jobs…


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     …it's starting to look like his job as a candidate is next, at least when it comes to accounting for his votes allowing utilities to increase their rates.

    Of course, we've seen the past couple of months that Robert Hurt is a fan of both outsourcing jobs and dodging taking a position on his record. Yesterday, though, he took his committment to both to a new extreme. Instead of defending his vote for SB 1416,a bill that raised utility rates and hurt (ha) thousands of Virginians (a vote that to my knowledge, he has tried to talk about as little as possible to date), he first had Ken Cuccinelli, and later, a supporter at a Tea Party Q&A explain his position for him (see the video below the cut). Is Robert Hurt going to talk about the issues, or is he going to continue to dodge answering the voters' questions and let others fight his battles?

    What with Hurt's opposition to extending unemployment benefits, I wonder what his plan is for after he fully eliminates his own job as a candidate? 🙂

    The truth of the matter is that Robert Hurt has taken over $20,000 from electric utilities as a member of the General Assembly, and since SB 1416 passed in 2007, ApCo has raised rates seven times.


    “Pretend I'm Robert Hurt.” Classic.

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