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Robert Hurt Won’t Answer Free Trade Question


The fact that Robert Hurt refuses to answer this question (earlier today in Washington, DC), or any question, on “free trade” agreements is very telling.  Perhaps it’s because  Hurt supports “free trade,” yet people in Southside hate it because they believe it’s responsible for their factories moving overseas, their jobs going to China, etc?  Yet Robert Hurt apparently cares more about appeasing big business, the Chamber of Commerce, and right-wing political interests with his free trade/limited government talk. For instance, Hurt opposed legislation “to close the tax loophole for multinational corporations that encourages sending jobs overseas.” And Hurt won’t give a clear answer on whether or not he supports the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement. Given how many debates he’s skipping, Hurt’s refusal to answer basic questions about where he stands on the issues is not surprising. However, it’s got to be infuriating to the people of the 5th CD, who most certainly have a right to know.

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