Sad End To A Sad Man


    Today’s assault on the Discovery Channel happened near where I was. Fortunately it had no impact on me or anyone else where I was. Other than the employees and visitors in the immediate Discovery building location, the hostage taker had no impact, or at least no physical impact.

    When the news of a gunman in the Discovery building popped up on Twitter and then RSS feeds on my phone I had some very modern concerns.  First was due to the hyperactivity of the far right and the pressures put on them to act violently, churches and police are common targets, I thought one of Beck’s followers had stayed behind.  My second thought was maybe the Discovery Channel was running a gay or transsexual program and a gay hater decided to show up and demand it be taken off the air.

    Even after several hours I still do not think my thoughts to be out of line with modern America. But, it is of no relief to hear it was someone needed mental help.  It is actually distressing to me to learn someone who needed help could not get it in America.  And, for lack of help he died.

    His attempts at saving the world from environmental disaster is noble. And, very not of this world. As his life history is being broadcast I cannot help but feel sorry for him and his very violent ending.

    One thing he did do was get his requests/demands and much more spread around the world, very easy to do with the ‘net.  His obituary was written while he was still on the phone with the police. And, that was on the ‘net as soon as the fatal shots completed their journey into his body.

    What is sad is how his life only accomplished what he wanted heard, but without him alive to know it.  What is also sad is that I immediately thought of the other modern reasons for men to invade a peaceful building, take hostages and use lethal force to get their rantings heard.  What is not sad is he did not have a chance to kill anyone.


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