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Potty Equality Comes to Gloucester

The main dust up over school children using the restroom has focused on NOVA. Most of the venom and nastiness, which is often loud and idiotic, was focused on the Fairfax School Board decision to allow trans children to use the restroom they prefer.

Off most radar has been what is going on in Gloucester County. The same discussion, but this time with the Dept. of Justice adding its weight to the fight. Gloucester is not on the same political side as Fairfax, but it is close enough to the Newport News and Norfolk military and communities to be more on the left side than the right side of the political scale.

The school board is under pressure by the DOJ and ACLU after making the decision to create three uni-sex restrooms AND telling the trans youth to use those and not the others. This comes after using the correct restroom for almost two months. Two months until the parents got involved.

Gloucester is an interesting area. You have agriculture, watermen and a very few women, active duty military along with retirees living there, many others from somewhat liberal areas around Yorktown, Williamsburg, Newport News and even as far south as the Port of Norfolk who are military.

So the population is a big mix from many points of view and life conditions. Hate for Obama lives next to proud rainbow peace symbols, next to Obama signs (still up). Much of it is live and let live, with only a small group of hate. Now I would not want to go around in some areas waving a rainbow flag and screaming "HI I'm Trans". But flying the flag is accepted.

I expect that the county will change it's approach to the issue soon. And, I think it will be accepted over a shorter time than if this was nearer to Richmond. The people are very nice to any who come by. The local restaurant I visit when I am at my boat always greets me and treats me as well as any of the watermen who are there too. I am remembered wherever I go there, I am not hard to remember, and treated with the same dignity and respect all the locals get.

The potty problem is one that takes a little time for most people to get over. Those that continue on shut up once they are told this is the new world and get used to it. A few will pull their children and put them in private school. But, the rest get used to it.

Trust Us – It Won’t Hurt You

In the current "destroy America" world of the Republicans there is one sacred industry so radioactive to touch we are told it is critical to the future of our country and must be given free rein. The VA legislators have enjoyed their bribe of a vacation in France for this industry. They have no fear of it now and should be quite willing to give it everything that the Cooch has said is dirty.

The one part of the industry we look at is the very one the Republicans say "Trust us - it won't hurt you".

This article from out west is about Cotter, a company that is radioactive in many ways. HuffPost has the first of the articles regarding Cotter getting permission to dump 90,000 gallons of radioactive stuff in to a holding pond (never mind the pond leaks). This morning in a litigation happy newspaper the article is how Cotter is requesting to be relieved of its requirement to measure the ph of the pond. Why you may ask? Due to the high level of radioactivity which is probably frying the employees.

Ah - the sweet sounds of BS coming from Republicans and the uranium industry. It won't hurt you.

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Goodbye NOVA

I am moving today. But not far.  Hint: Beware the Turtle. I won't be giving up reading though with an occasional post.

Politics may be local, but often the local affects the nation. Please get CH Cooch and Bob "killer of women" McDonnell out of office and into the place they deserve.

I also hope my vote will be replaced with another flaming Progressive Liberal Dem. Sometimes it seems there are very few of us left in our country.

Open Left – fini

This is a very short diary.
The Progressive blog Open Left has ended.  The content will stay up, but no new content will be posted.

It was the perfect blog for a few of us. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

au revoir, bonne chance et un avenir heureux

Eugene Is Fundraising

Oh my, the man is shameless. The domain is  ""  too cheap to buy a .com domain name.

You would not be amiss to think his mind is focused.  Focused like a spear ready to penetrate the tender hide of his foe. He knows what he wants and he will spare no pain to get it.

Dear Eugene:

When the Homosexual Lobby scours Public Advocate's financial reports looking for weak spots, I want them to see that together, you and I met our budget goals for 2010 and are more than capable of thwarting their perverted agenda next year.

To help you raise $102,595 by your December 31st deadline I am rushing you an emergency contribution of:

And to ensure you are not mistaken in his devotion to be a straight arrow:
Public Advocate was founded as a non-profit tax-exempt educational group under section 501(c)4 of the IRC.   Because Public Advocate lobbies to stop the Homosexual Agenda, contributions to Public Advocate are not tax-deductible.

This is a link to the full diary on Pam's House Blend.  I cannot do justice to the information.

Who Is Next?

During these days of the end of one year and preparing for the next there are a lot of words and ink and electrons wasted reviewing and creating lists of the past and predictions of the future.  The Republicans are deserved of their special lists of which groups and people they have vilified in their constant march against people who are not rich and white.  

Correct Pronunciation of Boehner

Although the Speaker of the House wannabe has tried to run away from the correct pronunciation of his name I went to an authoritative source that is quite multi-lingual. Google Translate has a "Listen" click so you can hear the correct pronunciation.

Enter Boehner and then translate to English. Then click on "Listen" and the name "Boehner" is pronounced "boner".

So the nicotine addicted Boehner is really running from his heritage, ashamed of his own name and ancestors. Shame, shame.

Lame Ducks and Their Session

Time for me to return to the online life again. I have been in a two day session for women and nuclear security. Women from across our country came together to learn about nuclear treaties, nuclear security and what we can do to get the Senate off it's collective butt and ratify the New START treaty.

We heard from women (and a man) who are involved in the treaties and nuclear security. Women such as Valerie Plame Wilson. Undersecretaries and women in the actual process of nuclear security treaties spoke to us.

The Senate has not ratified the treaty so we are living without the essentials of nuclear inspections of Russian (formerly Soviet) nuclear weapons facilities or places from which the bombs to blow up the U.S. would be launched. That should give you some thoughts, or I hope it starts you on the good road to asking "what the hell?"

We need to have the treaty brought up by Reid and voted on and passed by at least 67 senators in the Lame Duck Session.

I will be doing full blown diaries soon. We have two weeks to the election and one week after the election to put the pressure plans together to make sure our senators vote for the treaty.

Damned wonky stuff coming up!

Sad End To A Sad Man

Today's assault on the Discovery Channel happened near where I was. Fortunately it had no impact on me or anyone else where I was. Other than the employees and visitors in the immediate Discovery building location, the hostage taker had no impact, or at least no physical impact.

When the news of a gunman in the Discovery building popped up on Twitter and then RSS feeds on my phone I had some very modern concerns.  First was due to the hyperactivity of the far right and the pressures put on them to act violently, churches and police are common targets, I thought one of Beck's followers had stayed behind.  My second thought was maybe the Discovery Channel was running a gay or transsexual program and a gay hater decided to show up and demand it be taken off the air.

Even after several hours I still do not think my thoughts to be out of line with modern America. But, it is of no relief to hear it was someone needed mental help.  It is actually distressing to me to learn someone who needed help could not get it in America.  And, for lack of help he died.

His attempts at saving the world from environmental disaster is noble. And, very not of this world. As his life history is being broadcast I cannot help but feel sorry for him and his very violent ending.

One thing he did do was get his requests/demands and much more spread around the world, very easy to do with the 'net.  His obituary was written while he was still on the phone with the police. And, that was on the 'net as soon as the fatal shots completed their journey into his body.

What is sad is how his life only accomplished what he wanted heard, but without him alive to know it.  What is also sad is that I immediately thought of the other modern reasons for men to invade a peaceful building, take hostages and use lethal force to get their rantings heard.  What is not sad is he did not have a chance to kill anyone.

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