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10.2.10 Rally in DC tomorrow


Reposted in essence from Daily Kos:

I’ve been reading and occasionally writing diaries on Daily Kos for several years, but I haven’t had any real contact with other people. Diaries don’t seem conducive to real conversation. It seems difficult to connect with real human beings.

I live in North VA, an area that has the potential to go blue, but it’s still pretty conservative and it’s hard to find other liberals. I know that there are other Virginians on DailyKos, but have yet to meet one. The interface doesn’t seem to promote this kind of connection. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to send private messages.

I know the purpose of this site isn’t social networking, but it’s a shame that it isn’t easier. Connecting with other people who share your values is energizing. Right now, it seems like my husband and I are the only two liberals west of Fairfax, and that is often discouraging.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll be at the One Nation Rally at the mall in DC. We’ll try to scrounge up something orange to wear and hopefully meet some other Daily Kos people. If we don’t, at least we’ll be two more heads for the Park Police to count when assessing the number of attendees.

Is anyone here planning to go?