Blatant Bill O’Reilly Bigotry Triggers “View” Walkoff


    Well, at least O’Reilly’s honest about his bigotry, I’ll hand him that! “The Muslims killed us on 9/11?” “The Muslims,” as in what, all 1 billion Muslims and not a handful of fanatics?  What amazes me isn’t that someone can have such s*** for brains and be so hateful, it’s that he can have a TV show on a major U.S. network, it’s that he can have millions of people watching him and nodding their heads, and it’s that so many (mainly Republican) politicians are willing to pander to this unAmerican garbage.  The answer should be for all of us to “walk off,” literally and figuratively, whenever we hear this stuff. Also, vote for the other candidate, every time, and whether the bigotry is anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-Hispanic, anti-African American, anti-woman, whatever.  It’s really not that complicated.


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