Boucher Gains More Endorsements


    Only one poll, which typically uses automated calls –the least appropriate method–to poll its sample here, shows the 9th District race a statistical tie, with others showing Rick Boucher leading.  It is difficult to believe voters of the 9th would reward the opportunistic race waged by Morgan Griffith, who has done absolutely nothing for the 9th and has even sent school funding (and therefore jobs) out of our area. He’s blocked protection of electricity rate-payers in our region.  And yet, caution suggests we must take seriously even the possibility that such a tie is in play.  So, today, I bring you some recent endorsements from the SW Virginia region’s newspapers.  And then I invite you to join in and help Rick go back to Washington, where he has ably, constructively and responsibly represented us.  Morgan Griffith knows nothing about constructive leadership. But I invite you to read what others are saying.

    First, take a look at The Bristol Herald Bristol Herald, the Martinsville Bulletin, and the Roanoke Times.

    “Boucher puts his constituents first, not his party. He deserves re-election.,” said the Roanoke Times. Meant to contrast the extremely vicious partisanship of Morgan Griffith, this statement’s subtext is clear.  Morgan Griffith cares only about destructiveness, giveaways to the rich, and corporatism.  The 9th cannot afford to go “there.”


    In the 9th District, you can go to HQ and work.  You can make calls from home and more.  Check in here to lend your support.  If you are free you can head to one of Rick’s 9th District pre-election tour stops.  Historically, Rick does these tours to help other candidates for statewide and national office.  Now, this time, rally for Rick.  Here’s the list of events.  

    The Boucher campaign headquarters is located at 617 North Main Street, Suite 100-B, in Blacksburg. The local Democratic headquarters is the base of operations for Boucher’s re-election campaign in Montgomery County. Volunteers are using the office to make phone calls to supporters, to distribute campaign materials, and to organize canvassing and GOTV (get out the vote) efforts.

    Also, please call 10 friends between now and election day.  You can resist the pesky “Commit to Vote” app being planted on everyone’s Facebook page.  It’s gotten so viral it took over much of my feed yesterday.  (Sorry to those who are disappointed I took it down.  But you should know by now that I would never stay home.) But you can put up a message of your own.  

    See you on election day–and hopefully before… Tuesday, the Fightin 9th will send one of its own back to Congresss.  


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