DPVA Blasts Rigell on “Hate Group” Support


    The Democratic Party of Virginia whacks 2nd CD Republican nominee Scott Rigell for his “hate group” support. For more on that, see here. The DPVA also reminds everyone of the racist emails – including one called “Barack the Angry Negro” – forwarded by Rigell supporters.

    Upon hearing and reading of Rigell’s ties with Lou Sheldon, Charley Conrad, chairman of the DPVA’s LGBT Caucus, said, “I am shocked and disappointed that anyone, a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, would promote the endorsement of someone from a hate group.”

    DPVA Executive Director, Dave Mills, said, “This is three strikes on Scott Rigell’s associations. Scott has yet to provide a satisfactory explanation about why he has associated himself and his campaign with these kinds of individuals.”

    In the last two weeks, David Bartholomew, chair of the Virginia Beach GOP, was caught forwarding racist emails and was forced to step down and Karen Beauchamp, former Virginia Beach GOP chair, and prominent Rigell supporter, was caught forwarding an email that contained a video entitled, “Barack the angry negro”.  


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