Del. Ebbin on ABC Plan: “I don’t know of one Republican or Democrat who favors the proposal”


    Here’s Del. Adam Ebbin (D-Arlington, Alexandria), speaking at the Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting last night talks about why “you should be hissing” about Bob McDonnell’s absurd, gimmicky, half-baked, damaging ABC privatization proposal.

    Fortunately, according to Ebbin, “I don’t know of one Republican or Democrat who favors the proposal…so it’s not likely to go anywhere.”  Still, what a waste of everyone’s time and energy, when Governor McDonnell should be focusing on much more important issues, like finding $1-$2 billion per year in the new, dedicated revenues for transportation that are required in Virginia just to keep from falling further behind.  Right now, all he’s talking about is a one-shot, $458 million blip to the huge hole we’re in on transportation, after which Virginia actually would lose money every year.  As Adam Ebbin points out, this might be enough to build an interchange or mow the lawns, but that’s about it. All so we can have a lot more liquor stores in Virginia?  Horrible, horrible idea.


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