GOP Campaign Poll: Moran Leads by 13 Points


    Arlnow reports:

    Incumbent Rep. Jim Moran holds a 13 point lead over Republican challenger Patrick Murray, according to a poll of 400 likely voters commissioned by the Murray campaign.

    The poll, conducted in mid-September, shows Moran with 45 percent of the likely vote compared to Murray’s 32 percent. Another 23 percent say they’re undecided.

    The problem for Patrick Murray is that the more 8th CD voters get to know of him, the more they’ll see that he’s not a moderate Republican who might have any appeal in the district. For instance, as Jim Moran pointed out the other night, Murray favors overturning Roe v. Wade, not exactly a popular position in this overwhelming “blue” district.  Also, Murray likes hanging out with extremists like Joe Miller of Alaska, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, and even G. Gordon Liddy (see photo after the “flip”). If Murray’s down by 13 points now, wait ’til 8th CD voters get a load of Murray’s far-right-wing pals!


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