History in the Making. Salazar Signs First Offshore Wind Lease.


    Sierrans with the Virginia Chapter, Ivy Main, Susan Stillman, Glen Besa and Eileen Levandoski, attending the North American Offshore Wind Conference in Atlantic City, NJ witnessed the signing of the first offshore wind project lease this morning, Oct. 6, 2010.  

    “This is a historic day and too long in coming as the U.S. lags behind both Europe and China in renewable development,” said Glen Besa, Virginia Chapter director.  “It’s time for the U.S. and for states like Virginia to move more aggressively in the deployment of wind and solar energy projects”.  

    Pictured here is Secretary Salazar along with AWEA president Denise Bode and Jim Gordon, CEO of Cape Wind signing first offshore wind lease in the United States.

    Click here to read Sec. Salazar’s remarks.


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