Inexpensive Get-Out-The-Vote Video


    Here’s an interesting YouTube video encouraging young adults to vote next Tuesday. It is not a product of any campaign consultants, but of some concerned young Americans who took it upon themselves as a personal project. Their point: since their generation is going to inherit the ungodly mess Republicans have created, they have a big stake in the outcome of the election, so they better get out and vote. The article about the production appeared in AlterNet, and mentioned the excruciating but well-known fact that Democrats are terrible at messaging, they sit around and let Republicans decide on and frame the issues—- and then Democrats at the last minute just before an election, try to “un-frame” them. It’s kind of sad that even the Obama youth voter has figured out this dreadfully embarrassing stupidity, isn’t it? The target audience for the video is obviously not us old f**ts, but the new generation of voters. What do you think?