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Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas

Let us get rid, once and for all, of the mythical notion of "centrism." The pundit nation persists in abusing the Democratic Party for, they say, listening to its "liberal wing" because those progressives impose so-called leftist policies that both cannot work and are detested by the voters, and as evidence they point to the weak economy and the results of the November election. Democrats, they proclaim, should listen to their Blue Dogs, who are regarded as centrist as much as conservative, and be more like Republicans if they want to win elections. Commentators even go so far as to praise Rahm for being a pragmatic centrist who understood that America is a center-right nation because he favored several Blue Dog candidates (like Blanche Lincoln) over more progressive candidates. The pundits' conclusion, which strangely coincides with that of Republicans, is: Democrats should do more of such pragmatic maneuvering, and "move to the center." The sacred word "bipartisanship" figures heavily in such commentaries, but it usually is meant to apply to Democrats.

Such errant nonsense is being strenuously peddled in the media. I can only suppose that Karl Rove and Republican strategists are encouraging this foolishness because it is:
1) guaranteed to trick Democrats into losing elections,
2) is a (probably deliberate) misreading of the facts on the ground, and
3) is actually a contrivance of lies and misinformation dressed up in that special, impressive-sounding mumbo-jumbo that con artists employ to flimflam the gullible.
So, if this fairy tale of "centrism" is not the real world, what is? And, what happens if the national Democratic leadership does, or does not buy into the "move-to-the-right" fairy tale?

How Do You Define Political Centrism?

Given the push for bipartisanship and compromise currently underway among the punditry and self-appointed advisors eager to share their wise opinions, I am old enough to notice how different this concept looks today from earlier times.  Well, times not so far back, even.

Remember, the Constitution makes no mention of political parties. After Articles I (Legislature), II (Executive), and III (Judiciary) there is no Article IV for Political Parties (Article IV is really about "full faith and credit," admission of new states and so on). Everything we experience about how our system actually works, the political conventions, the nominations of individuals for public office, party platforms, the campaigns, campaign finance,  the business about Majority and Minority leaders, "ranking members" on committees, all that is extra-Constitutional, outside the formal Constitutional table of organization that supposedly describes how our famous system works---- it all simply grew like a barnacle attached to our ship of state. Do you suppose those earnest people who want to "take our country back" and restore the "real" Constitution of our Founding Fathers realize they will have to give up political parties, plus deprive women of the vote and restore slavery as well, if they mean what they say? Even give up cell phones, television, electricity, automobiles, and immunization against polio, typhoid and so on,  if they're honest purists? But I digress.

The Coming Assault on the 20th Century

The Republican success in the recent midterm election is being billed as a mandate---- but exactly what mandate do the hubris-filled Republicans claim they have been given? They are running several scenarios up the flagpole, or, if you prefer, they are trying on various costumes and trotting down the runway to see which ones are suitable for the upcoming fancy dress ball they will attend in January. The various factions within the GOP, from libertarian to Tea Party, Wall Street to globalal corporations, religious fanatics to seething bigots, are drafting their wish lists, most of which will turn out to be non-negotiable demands to repeal anything even faintly tainted with a Democratic label, and that basically amounts to just about everything that came out of the 20th century. (Maybe even some of the wars, believe it or not).

Total Recall on Why We Must Vote Democratic

Among the comments on President Obama's interview with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central was one from an obviously fed-up person with the monicker of "YahooSerious," who led off with this blast:
This is why we don't want the Republican party back in office. Seriously, all this crap you blame Obama for...he had to fix ALL of this before he could even get started on his own promises. In 8 short years, Bush and Cheney orchestrated the biggest American shamefest ever experienced. And yes, I know Bush isn't running for president again, but the Republicans and Tea-Party are endorsing the same policies that he presided over, resulting in 8 years of FAIL. The fact that we have to argue for letting the tax cuts for the wealthy expire is an indication of how willing the American public is willing to be misled, confused, and hoodwinked into thinking this is all Obama's fault. It's like the entire population of America has been getting high on Glenn Beck's stench and have suffered short term memory loss. Here's a list of our former "leader's and Republican Party's" achievements. I defy you to come up with a list so dismal for the Democrats.
Below is a partial list from his comments, to re-fresh your minds in the final cram session before finals on next Tuesday:

Inexpensive Get-Out-The-Vote Video

Here's an interesting YouTube video encouraging young adults to vote next Tuesday. It is not a product of any campaign consultants, but of some concerned young Americans who took it upon themselves as a personal project. Their point: since their generation is going to inherit the ungodly mess Republicans have created, they have a big stake in the outcome of the election, so they better get out and vote. The article about the production appeared in AlterNet, and mentioned the excruciating but well-known fact that Democrats are terrible at messaging, they sit around and let Republicans decide on and frame the issues---- and then Democrats at the last minute just before an election, try to "un-frame" them. It's kind of sad that even the Obama youth voter has figured out this dreadfully embarrassing stupidity, isn't it? The target audience for the video is obviously not us old f**ts, but the new generation of voters. What do you think?

“Palin and Tea Party Are A Joke:” Says A Founder

A former CEO and now a financial blogger, Karl Denninger, who is credited with helping to found the Tea Party movement, just sent a letter to the Tea Party denouncing it, and outting it as little more than a tool of the very corporate financial industry it originally was founded to attack. Denninger wrote:
"Tea Party my ass. This was nothing other than the Republican Party stealing the anger of a population that was fed up with the Republican Party's own theft of their tax money at gunpoint to bail out the robbers of Wall Street and fraudulently redirecting it back toward electing the very people who stole all the ****ing money!"
Denninger, along with fellow bloggers at Market Ticker Graham Makohoniuk and Stephanie Jasky, promoted the idea in January 2009 of protesting the $800 billion stimulus and the $700 billion bailout by  mailing a tea bag to Congress. Denninger also suggested holding a "tea party" protest at President Obama's inauguration.

This was the actual launch of the Tea Party. Today, Denninger says bitterly he ought to sue for defamation anyone using "Tea Party" because the movement has been highjacked, its purpose so deformed it is now "a joke."

His letter to the Tea Party is quoted extensively here