Jim Moran on Elephant Droppings and Kicking Butt


    At last night’s 8th Congressional District Kennedy-King Dinner in Alexandria, Rep. Jim Moran gave a pre-election pep talk that was enthusiastically received by the hundreds of Democrats in attendance. The speech begins, “Nothing should motivate us more than what the Republicans choose to call their ‘Pledge to America.'” Moran concludes, in classic Jim Moran style:

    The truth is that Democrats have had to spend much of the last two years cleaning up, if you will, the elephant droppings left by the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress…and now they want to take us back to the same old failed policies that made the mess in the first place…Well, we’re not gonna let it happen. This month, that Democratic donkey is going to start kicking that elephant’s butt. That IS what the American people really want!

    Ha, great stuff, gotta love that fighting spirit. Now, my fellow Democrats and progressives, let’s do what Jim Moran suggests and kick some butt!

    UPDATE: I’ve also got a few photos – not great because they were shot with my Flip video in mediocre lighting – from last night’s event, after the “fold.”

    Bree Raum and Del. Adam Ebbin

    Del. Bob Brink

    Del. Patrick Hope and Peter Rousselot

    Bobby Scott and Terry McAuliffe


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