“Mudcat” (Saunders) Is Back!


    Famed (some might argue “infamous” is a better word, mostly in jest) Democratic Virginia political strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders took a bit of an extended break after the disastrous John Edwards for President campaign. In fact, accordingto Mudcat, that campaign was so traumatic, he “would have gotten over [his] acute case of complete political cynicism a lot quicker if [he] had just gone ahead and crawled under the bed, curled up in a fetal position, and sucked [his] thumb.” Mudcat also says that the ending of the Edwards campaign made him feel not only like heading to the “shrink’s couch,” but like he had “crusty vomit in [his] hair.”  Mudcat, colorful and descriptive as always!

    Anyway, now Mudcat is back, and as usual he’s taking no prisoners, this time for “a washboard-playing, working-class populist Democrat named Barbara Garrity-Blake” in “the marshlands of coastal North Carolina.”  Oh, and he’s taking no prisoners in those marshlands for a reason – to fight for the Marines, no less! Check it out, here, and join me in welcoming Mudcat back to the (political) battlefield!


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