24 Hours of Tom – Update Two – Biscuitville in Danville


    So, it’s just after 6 a.m., and counting the time we spent driving down to Ferrum, 24 Hours of Tom has been on the road 11 hours.

    The stops we’ve made – Tom speaking to a group of students at mid-night at Ferrum College, a handful of truck drivers and late-night coffee drinkers at Dudley’s Truck Stop in Rocky Mount, serving coffee to hospital workers in Martinsville, meeting with police officers and dispatchers, visiting Roger Jefferson’s dairy farm in Chatham – have all been incredibly positive.

    The people that have come out in the middle of the night to meet Tom have been enthusiastic and interested in what he has to say.

    As with the events earlier in the evening at Wendy’s, people seem genuinely happy to meet their Congressman, and this has really impressed me. As far as politicians go, Tom is very approachable, eager to talk with people, and able to hear their stories and let them know what their government is going to help them (if they need it) or can be doing.

    I’ll write more about this later on when I have some more time.

    For right now, Biscuitville awaits.

    Our lone minivan has become something of a caravan. Behind us are a reporter and photographer from Roll Call. Behind them is a reporter and cameraman from Japanese television, and the latest addition is a third carload carrying three young men who are Hurt supporters.

    So this trip is starting to get very, very interesting.



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