Home Politicians Patrick Murray on Offshore Oil Drilling: Before and After

Patrick Murray on Offshore Oil Drilling: Before and After


First, here’s a screen shot of Patrick Murray’s website from a time when he didn’t care about those silly environmentalists who populate the 8th CD, from a time when he was trying to win the Republican nomination by pandering to the right wing – including his promise to drill baby drill offshore Virginia.

And here’s Patrick Murray’s website now, after Murray was criticized the other day by Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore for favoring more fossil fuels and more carbon emissions.

Note: no mention of drilling off the coast of Virginia, no mention of “drilling that will take place 5 years from now.” What happened, did Patrick Murray start turning greener? Or, more likely, did he slap his forehead and realize that his brand of “drill baby drill”, fossil fuels forever, doesn’t play among most voters in Arlington and Alexandria?

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