Perriello Romps Over Hurt in 5th CD Debate


    Just got done watching Rep. Tom Perriello debate Robert Hurt on WCAV CBS 19 Charlottesville.  Now that was a thing of beauty. I’m hoping there will be video shortly. For now, here are some tweets (including my own) from the butt-kicking Tom just delivered. Enjoy!

    @VotePerriello: Crowd at the #va05 debate

    @NotAndySere: Immigration: @RobertHurt slams @TomPerriello for open borders. No mention of McCain, Bush amnesty plan. GOP hasn’t learned?

    @NotAndySere: Do candidates have notes for debate? @RobertHurt keeps looking down like he’s reading

    @NotAndySere: @RobertHurt seems like a total flip flopper. @TomPerriello is at least consistent and on message.

    @NotAndySere: @RobertHurt stuttering his way through a list of pre-selected businesses

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt outright lies on Cap and Trade, Stimulus, etc., etc. What a bunch of bovine excrement.

    @lowkell: @TomPerriello is so far superior to @RobertHurt as a debater and in terms of substance, it’s not even fair! LOL

    @bradramsey: @tomperriello says access to #broadband is critical in rural areas to expand edu opportunities

    @lowkell: @TomPerriello is on fire, “we ARE creating jobs…in the 5th district!” In contrast, @RobertHurt = all negativity

    @lowkell: @TomPerriello – need to do what’s right for the district. @RobertHurt voted against unemployment benefits, factory owners, seniors…

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt has nothing to offer, keeps lying (“govt takeover of healthcare”), attacks Nancy Pelosi. What a loser.

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – Slams @RobertHurt for flip-flopping on trade, earmark reform, taxes…

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello also slams @RobertHurt for not reading #HCR bill, not attending townhall meetings…

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello knocks it out of the ballpark on the new energy economy, “green jobs.” Go Tom!

    @NotAndySere: @TomPerriello’s campaign is focused on America, fighting, America, keep fighting, and AMERICA! Plus he fights.

    @BradleySRees: Hurt has slammed @TomPerriello for “voting for a bill he hasn’t read,” but admitted in last #va05 debate HE hadn’t read it

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt has no understanding of the new energy economy, instead launches more outrageous, false attacks on @VotePerriello

    @NotAndySere: 2010 is about angry voters. @RobertHurt tells you he’s angry. @TomPerriello shows you he’s angry

    @PittGirly: Hurt accuses Perriello of forgetting the people who MAKE things in the 5th CD. Umm…he just talked about them…

    @mkoshark: 30 mins into Perriello / Hurt debate: Perriello is all substance while Hurt is 100% buzz words like ‘big gub’ment’ but little info

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – @RobertHurt wants to cut education at state AND federal level, what would be left?!?

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – Healthcare premiums have been rising for a long time, why does @RobertHurt want to ditch small business taxcut?

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – @RobertHurt wants Congress to get a better healthcare plan than everyone else

    @bradramsey: View of the #va05 debate from above, regardless of your political preference, a great view of democracy at work

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt – Favors bringing back preexisting conditions, donut hole, other abuses of health insurance companies. Nice.

    @NotAndySere: Winner of #VA05: Jay Warren & WSLS. Their debate ROCKED compared to this.

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt – mixes up “increase” and “decrease,” appears to have no idea what he’s talking about

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello Under @RobertHurt #HCR plan, payments to doctors slashed, Medicare goes bankrupt, cuts in benefits, etc.

    @NotAndySere: Who’s the conservative?! RT @andysere #va05 debate Hurt: No cuts to Social Security; Perriello: All Social Security cuts on the table.

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt stuttering, bumbling through his closing statement, can’t keep his lies straight! LOL

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt appeals to ignorance, the worst in people. @VotePerriello appeals to knowledge, the best in people.

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – if you want talking points, someone who won’t step up on tough issues, vote @RobertHurt

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – @RobertHurt, you can disagree w/me but don’t disrespect me and suggest I get pushed around by anyone!

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello absolutely pummeling @RobertHurt , this is a thing of beauty. Go Tom!

    @lowkell: No wonder why @RobertHurt didn’t want to debate @VotePerriello Ouch!!!

    @NotAndySere: 2nd #VA05 debate over. @RobertHurt’s campaign is focused on three things, cap and trade, health care, failed stimulus.

    @NotAndySere: If you think government was only broken by Obama, Pelosi, & Perriello, and fixes are easy, @RobertHurt is for you.


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