Lame Ducks and Their Session


    Time for me to return to the online life again. I have been in a two day session for women and nuclear security. Women from across our country came together to learn about nuclear treaties, nuclear security and what we can do to get the Senate off it’s collective butt and ratify the New START treaty.

    We heard from women (and a man) who are involved in the treaties and nuclear security. Women such as Valerie Plame Wilson. Undersecretaries and women in the actual process of nuclear security treaties spoke to us.

    The Senate has not ratified the treaty so we are living without the essentials of nuclear inspections of Russian (formerly Soviet) nuclear weapons facilities or places from which the bombs to blow up the U.S. would be launched. That should give you some thoughts, or I hope it starts you on the good road to asking “what the hell?”

    We need to have the treaty brought up by Reid and voted on and passed by at least 67 senators in the Lame Duck Session.

    I will be doing full blown diaries soon. We have two weeks to the election and one week after the election to put the pressure plans together to make sure our senators vote for the treaty.

    Damned wonky stuff coming up!


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