Rigell: Bartholomew Was a Victim of Some Sort of Deep, Dark Conspiracy


    Here’s 2nd CD Republican nominee, Scott Rigell, who the other day condemned (now former) Virginia Beach Republican Committee chair David Bartholomew for forwarding a racist email. Now, in response to a woman’s question about why he let this happen to a “wonderful leader” like Bartholomew, and why this came up now, here’s the bizarre, conspiratorial part of Rigell’s response (after once again, correctly, stating that with leadership comes responsibility and accountability):

    Now, why it came out the way it came out and when it came out? You understand that. And you know what, the full fabric of our community understands that as well, because I’ve been in touch with our friends in all parts of our community…they’re not fooled by this.

    You know, Mr. Rigell, one rule I’ve always heard in politics is that when you’re in a hole, the first thing you want to do is stop digging. In the final 10 days of your campaign against Glenn Nye and Kenny Golden, you just might want to heed that advice. Or not. I don’t really care, as I’m not a fan of Glenn Nye’s and I really, really am not fan of yours!


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