Rigell: No Help for Seniors, Keep ‘Em Working!


    Scott Rigell strikes again, this time with his answer to a debate question on Social Security. First, note that Rigell is unprepared for the question and apparently confused about it, asking for “clarification” even though it’s very simple. Second, Rigell says he would vote “no” on an increase in Social Security benefits for Seniors this year. I’m sure that the many retirees of Virginia Beach and the rest of the 2nd CD will be thrilled to hear that. 😉  Finally, Rigell says he favors “an incentive for our employers to continue to keep our Seniors working.”  I’m sure it will overjoy 2nd CD retirees – or people getting close to retirement – that in Scott Rigell’s world, they can forget about their “golden years.”  On second thought…


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