Robert Hurt, giving Virginians the business


    Just how unconscionable is it that Robert Hurt will take the help and endorsement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and then support policies that result in the outsourcing of jobs that benefit the domestic and foreign members of the Chamber of Commerce?

    According to Campaign Money Watch, VA-05 lost 24,171 jobs to outsourcing since 1994, thanks in large part to the tax loopholes and other benefits reaped by fat-cat corporations that are backed by the Chamber of Commerce and its pals in Congress.

    And just how much does a congressional seat from these parts cost the Chamber these days?

    From Oct. 5 through Oct. 12, the Chamber spent $197,002 on ads in this district to help elect Hurt to Congress.

    And why won’t Robert Hurt denounce and renounce this shameful behavior again? Oh, right, because according to the Chamber of Commerce, “Robert Hurt understands business.”

    Well, here is what he seems to understand. Outsourcing your job makes more money for the Chamber of Commerce’s domestic and foreign members, and the more money Hurt makes for them, the more money they’ll be willing to spend to see Hurt keeps his job.

    In other words, what Robert Hurt really understands is how to give us the business.

    Which, of course, brings this to mind:


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