Fimian Confirms He Wants a Cash “Carrot” For Doing His Job!



    Look, I’m not advocating giving a $250,000 bonus if I balance the federal budget. But penalize me if I don’t, but if there’s going to be a penalty if I don’t, give me a carrot so that I will and if I do.”

    Wow, great idea by Keith Fimian. So, along this line of “reasoning” (using the word loosely), if Congress wins a war (or keeps us out of one), perhaps they should each get a $500,000 bonus? How much for repealing what Republicans call “Obamacare?”  $1 million each?  A new bridge or highway in the district? Definitely a bonus for that. I mean, seriously, the possibilities are endless, now that Keith Fimian has proposed tying Congressional pay to performance. Ah, the Republican way…


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