Robert Hurt is losing it


    Just how out of touch is Robert Hurt?

    According to the Martinsville Bulletin yesterday, Hurt has a three-point plan for job creation. Two of those points are the same tired GOP talking points of lowering taxes for the rich and easing regulation – your basic discredited supply-side/trickle-down economic theory – blah blah blah.

    But that’s not what this diary is about.

    This diary is about the third element, the one the Martinsville Bulletin described as the centerpiece of Mr. Hurt’s plan. According to the bulletin, “Hurt said his plan starts with stopping spending in Washington. It includes adopting a balanced budget amendment to hold Washington accountable for spending, he said.”

    (more on the flip)

    Now, whatever the policy merits of such an amendment (which are questionable), it would at a minimum take several years to see such an amendment actually adopted, which requires, among other things, approval by the House of Representatives and the Senate, not to mention passage by two-thirds of the state legislatures in the U.S.

    Mr. Hurt, do you even know what is happening in this district? People need help now, not five years from now.

    If you want to save and increase jobs in the Fifth District, forget Constitutional amendments — how about starting by opposing tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs overseas.

    Seriously, even among my Conservative friends, is there really anyone who is going to vote for this ding-dong?


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