Robert Hurt: Much More Concerned About HIS Next Job Than Yours


    As I talk to voters here in Virginia's 5th Congressional district, creating jobs is obviously one of their top concerns. It's hard to explain Robert Hurt's jobs “plan” to them, because it's completely nonsensical:

    1. Cut taxes for the rich, adding $700 billion to the national debt
    2. Keep encouraging companies to send jobs overseas by protecting their tax loopholes
    3. Roll back regulations on the industries that caused the economic collapse
    4. ???
    5. Watch the jobs roll in!

    I'm actually not kidding. Look at Hurt's Promoting Free Markets & Job Creation page. It's 32 flavors of wishin' & hopin'.

    Rep. Tom Perriello, on the other hand, has comprehensive plans for economic revival, education & job training, creating clean energy jobs. Is this even a close call?


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