Top Rigell Endorser Recommends Racist “Barack the Angry Negro” Video


    Another day brings yet another one of Scott Rigell’s top endorsers – this time, former (2001) Virginia Beach Republican Committee chair, Karen Beauchamp – caught sending a racist email, this time with hate video to boot. Warning: the content in the video is some of the most vile, offensive language I’ve listened to in a really long time, it’s very difficult to even sit through it. Ugh. Anyway, to say that racism is not a wide-spread problem among Virginia Beach Republicans is clearly untrue.

    Yesterday, Scott Rigell did the right thing and denounced (now former) Virginia Beach Republican Committee chair David Bartholomew. Today, it looks like Rigell needs to denounce yet another VBRC chair, also a top endorser of his campaign.  Right now, Rigell’s got her name prominently displayed on his website (see image after the “fold”). After you watch the video or read the quotes from the video, I think you’ll all agree that needs to change immediately.

    In her email, Ms. Beauchamp enthusiastically references a video, by this guy, which is both too repulsive to watch, and apparently too repulsive for YouTube to allow on their site. If you really want to see it, it’s available at the “Conservative Sportsmen” site. If you can’t stomach watching it, which I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, I’ll include a selection of a few of the most offensive quotes from the video after the “fold.” Blech.

    UPDATE: Scott Rigell’s campaign has condemned this email as well. Good for him. Ms. Beauchamp’s name also appears to have been removed from Rigell’s list of endorsers.

    Let me be clear, racism has no place in our society and runs completely counter to Scott Rigell’s values. The Rigell campaign does not condone this type of behavior from anyone associated with our campaign. It should be noted that Karen Beauchamp is not in a position of leadership or an advisor to the Rigell campaign, and she has not been in a position of leadership within the Republican Party for close to 10 years.

    By the way, that Washington Post story is almost completely wrong; the video they mention is a completely different video from a completely different story. Whatever, details details! (snark)

    “Barack Hussein Obama, hmm! hmm! hmm! You been called the chosen one, the messiah, an African God, a post-racial President, Barack the magic Negro. Barack, you’re a lot of things, but you are not a magic negro. You’re an angry negro and you have now broken the hearts of more black Americans than any white man ever could. You have now proven that you are an enemy of the United States.”

    “Now I’m gonna talk down in a language that I hope you can all understand.”

    “If you’re a black American it’s time you need to decide, are you an American first, or are you an African or black American first?”

    “You have declared war on the white man in America, putting the wants and needs of moochers, leeches, looters, and criminals ahead of the producers and the workers of America, and we don’t want 15-20 million illiterate Mexicans and Chicanos as our new welfare society living like rats in our neighborhoods, they must go, and either the government steps up or the government will have to clean up.”

    “Barack, you, your advisors, pollsters, pundits, talking heads, have wanted to know, who are the pissed off people in this country? Well the pissed-off people sir are the white people. It’s the white people stupid!”

    “And Barack, if you want another white face to hate, I’m ya Huckleberry!”


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