$14 Million in Corporate Welfare to Northrop-Grumman to Cut Virginia Jobs?


    Conservative blogger Norman Leahy of Tertium Quids excoriates Bob McDonnell for spending $12-$14 million in corporate welfare to lure Northrop Grumman’s headquarters to the Commonwealth, then watching as the company “has been shedding jobs — 330 at Fort Eustis and at least 200 more at its ship building unit in Newport News.”

    As Norm concludes, “It’s enough to make me wonder if Pyrrhus of Epirus is in charge of the state’s economic development efforts…”  Yeah, that’s the guy who inspired the phrase “Pyrrhic victory – “a victory with devastating cost to the victor; it carries the implication that another such victory will ultimately cause defeat.” Message to Bob “for jobs” McDonnell — please no more “victories” for Virginia like the Northrop-Grumman one, we can’t afford any more of those.


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