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And You Thought the DPVA Had Problems?


As many problems as the Democratic Party of Virginia might have, when you compare it to the Republican Party of Virginia, it doesn’t look nearly as bad.  For instance, check out two recent headlines on the pro-Republican blog, “Too Conservative,” to get a feel for what I’m saying.

RPV Over $300k In Debt In Last FEC Filing

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins Loses His Mind, Endorses Dick Black

In contrast, the DPVA’s debt is ZERO and the head of the party, last I checked, had not lost his mind or gone totally extremist on us.  Not that DPVA couldn’t use a significant upgrade – which is one of the many reasons I support Peter Rousselot for chair! – but it’s comforting to know the Republicans are in even worse shape than we are. Oh joy! 🙂


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