Are We Living in “1984” or “Brave New World?”


    One of my “Facebook friends” (appropriately enough for the topic he raises) pointed this out to me and I thought it was worth passing along. As my “Facebook friend” – who’s actually a real friend as well, what a concept! – writes, it’s about “Orwell’s vision vs. Huxley’s… one of the most interesting things I’ve read in a long time… you won’t be sorry if you read it, and it takes about a minute.”  For instance, here’s one view of where we’re at — “Brave New World” more than “1984” –with which I mostly agree.

    Thus, only in a “Brave New World” world like this one could an ignorant buffoon like Sarah Palin become almost universally loved, hated…but most importantly, talked about at all. Just remember, every second you spend talking or thinking about Sarah Palin and her antics – or any of the constant stream of “infotainment” idiocy that spews forth from your TV screen, computer screen, or radio – is a second you could have spent doing something important, enjoyable, rewarding, fulfilling, etc. Or just dusting the house, anything would be more productive than a second spent on Palin (or “Dancing With the Stars,” or whatever other mindless drivel is on the tee-vee).

    On this same topic, and also per my “Facebook friend’s” suggestion, I’d also recommend Neil Postman’s classic, “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” which I read about 15 years ago – most definitely prior to the internet age – and which I thought was brilliant. From the Publisher’s Weekly blurb:

    Postman’s theme is the decline of the printed word and the ascendancy of the “tube” with its tendency to present everything – murder, mayhem, politics, weather – as entertainment. The ultimate effect, as Postman sees it, is the shrivelling of public discourse as TV degrades our conception of what constitutes news, political debate, art, even religious thought.

    On that cheery note, back to shopping online!  (just kidding, I pretty much boycott the consumerist frenzy also known as “the holiday season”)


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