Is Charles Krauthammer Correct For Once?


    I’d be curious to know what people think about Charles Krauthammer’s comments here.  My opinion is that he’s correct that the media is absolutely obsessed with Sarah Palin and her endless idiocies. The question is why?  Ratings? Check. “Sex appeal?” Probably. Perfect fodder for the infotainment “idiocracy” that passes for “news” these days? Definitely. Or, is it – as Charles Krauthammer argues – that “liberals” believe that “the whole of conservatism in America is encapsulated in this one glorious woman?”  Now that, I’m not sure about.

    Still, what’s with this absolutely insane obsession with this utter imbecile from Alaska who was a losing VP candidate and who quit her job as governor of Alaska half-way through?  Is Palin such a significant figure – intellectually, politically, culturally, or any other way – that she justifies the wall-to-wall coverage she gets from the corporate media, not to mention the insane level of internet traffic she gets relative to any other Republican (or even her daughter’s appearance on some piece-of-crap dance show)?  Has this country gone completely off the deep end?  


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