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Blue Dogs kill jobless benefits



Yesterday the House defeated a bill that would have extended long term unemployment benefits. A two-thirds supermajority was needed for approval, after Democrats brought up the bill under special rules for fast track consideration.

“Democrats blamed Republicans for blocking the bill, as 143 GOP’ers voted ‘No’ – along with 11 Democrats.  Backers were 17 votes short of two-thirds, as 237 Democrats voted ‘Yes’ – along with 21 Republicans.

The 21 GOP’ers who voted for the jobless benefits extension:

Bilbray (CA), Castle (DE), Dent (PA), the Diaz-Balart brothers (FL), Ehlers (MI), Gerlach (PA), Heller (NV), Johnson (IL), Jones (NC), LaTourette (OH), LoBiondo (NJ), Manzullo (IL), McCotter (MI), Tim Murphy (PA), Platts (PA), Posey (FL), Reichert (WA), Ros-Lehtinen (FL), Smith (NJ) and Turner (OH).

As for the 11 Democrats who voted against the extension:

Berry (AR), Boyd (FL), Bright (AL), Cooper (TN), Davis (TN), Hill (IN), Minnick (ID), Nye (VA), Peterson (MN), Shuler (NC) and Taylor (MS).”

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